11 Rules of Personal Developmemt

    1. It’s never too late to take active steps towards personal development.
    2. Just because you experience failure does not mean you should stop, you just need to find what works for you.
    3. You don’t have to need it to benefit from personal development.
    4. You don’t have to be unhappy or unfulfilled to benefit from personal development.
    5. There is no single way to do personal development right.
    6. Your personal development journey is your own and it won’t look the same as anyone else’s.
    7. Not all personal development resources are created equal.
    8. Personal development doesn’t end, once you reach one goal, you set another. It’s a process that will last your lifetime.
    9. Personal development can be uncomfortable and it takes time, effort, and maybe even some blood, sweat, and tears.
    10. Personal development isn’t going to turn you into a different person, it isn’t about drastic change, it’s about incremental change that helps you fulfill your potential.
    11. The key to positive personal development is consistency. You might not get it right the first time….and that’s okay!

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