Optimizing your email campaigns as much as possible is our goal here. Im going to give you the 5 things you MUST focus on to have success at this.



Step 1.  SUBJECT LINE STYLES.                  


Subject Lines are without a doubt crucial! They basically are the main reason your email gets opened or deleted. You have to convince people whose inboxes all overflowing with ads, promotional mumbo jumbo, and the next best thing since sliced bread that yours is the one worth opening. And you only have about 65-70 characters to get it right. Also most people are viewing their email on phones, or tablets so the visible characters are even fewer! You better make it good!


There are a couple of different styles of subject lines you can use. Let’s get into some of them here. First there is the “benefit” subject line. This is where you clearly state a benefit like “get more traffic and boost sales.”  Then we have the opposite which is the “pain” subject line. This is where you remind your subscribers of their problems, example: “Does building a sales funnel require a degree in sales?” might be a good one if you are promoting a funnel builder for beginners or something. The “story” subject line is another useful one and it involves literally a line from a story, designed to get the Reader to open the email- “So I was on my way to most important meeting of my career when, suddenly…..”


Step 2. TIMING


The timing of your emails can be very important. Some people think there is a “perfect time” to send emails that a secret group of gurus know about but they hide from us. Well as obvious as it sounds “it all depends on your list” is truly the answer here. Where are they? Is your email one you can expect them to open at work? Is it B2B (business to business) sales? Are they a business owner or head of the office who can/will open your email anytime during the work day? If this is a business to consumer relationship, then your email would not be considered “work” email and so you would want to send them in the early morning, during lunch or in the evening after work.





Personalization can be incredibly effective in your marketing campaign. It can be used in the subject line and the body of the email. In the subject line the use of the persons name has been shown to boost open rates by around 30%. Personalization also, obviously can be used in the body of the message and, particularly when used in the salutation, can help encourage your readers to keep on reading! Personalization dosent have to stop at a persons name either. Any data you got from the opt-in form can be used to personalize the email. These include location, gender, age, birthdays, relationship status, etc…..





There are plenty of ways to write your message body. The styles I will talk about here are gonna mirror the subject lines we discussed earlier. So there’s the full, long-form, presell style message bodies. This is where you are simply doing the necessary selling of a product idea before the reader even clicks the link to the offer. In this style you typically touch all of the standard sales techniques, especially pain/problem, solution, benefit, call-to-action and so on. Theres the story approach where you engage the readers and keep them reading to see how it ends. The fear and scarcity bodies tend to be short and sweet, emphasizing the “you’re about to miss out” message. We have all seen those!





There are several tactics you can use to optimize your CLICK-THROUGH RATE (CTR). The first is where you place your links. Placing the link in a few different parts of the body, such as between paragraphs, at the end, and again in the P.S. Can be useful. Now depending on your audience, it might come off as overly aggressive and too many links may even trigger spam filters. Other useful elements are hyperlinked images, gifs, and video-looking images with play buttons. Also visual CTA buttons might boost your CTR, as might countdown timers.


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