Originally from San Pedro California, (a small town in Los Angeles county) grew up in the San Pedro housing projects in the early 1980’s. We were pretty poor but I didn’t know it. Got introduced to computers pretty young when I got one for Christmas (Thanks Uncle Jack) Also I would spend the night with my favorite uncle he always had a computer, but in those days it was just to “boot em up and shoot em” as he would say. That meant playing video games.


Well Fast forward to the 90’s and I have 3 wonderful children at this time and living with my mother in law, got introduced to the internet by way of AOL! Got my first e-mail address and I was definitely hooked! Started shopping on sites like e-bay and always found those “secret” sites to get what I wanted that no one else had a clue where to get. I worked at Technicolor for about 6 months, where I learned some graphic design.


I couldn’t seem to find my way around the job market I just felt like everything I was doing was making someone else RICH. And wait a minute that’s MY NAME! I had a point where I was really lost in the world after destroying everything I ever worked for and everyone that mattered to me, I found myself in jail. It happened to be a place where I got enlightened however, with the help of a man named DR. ¬†James Beard. He was teaching a class in the jail, anger management-but it was more like spiritual awakening 101


I got out of jail in 2017 and I haven’t looked back. I have since got my life together. moved to Henderson Nevada where I knew no-one which gave me plenty of time to start my business and my internet Marketing career. I thought it would be a walk in the park after all I had been through. Surprise, it was just as hard if not harder than anything else I have tried.


Thats when I had enough! I knew I needed a coach/mentor to walk me through this mess or else was gonna go broke from shiny object syndrome! Thats when I decided on Partnership 2 Success with John Thornhill. Im just in the beginning phase of it but look! Already Im on my own blog with an about me page! More too come stay tuned!!!!



If you can dream it you can have it!


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