PLR is one of the best things that I have found in my short Internet Marketing career. For those that don’t know what PLR is its Private label rights. PLR is a license where the author sells all or most of the  property rights to their product. The license is defined by the author and has no legal definitions. Here is a good definition of PLR:

“Content, particularly articles, software, video, audio, E-books etc written or arranged by a 3rd party and made available for several purchasers to buy and use. These articles, software, video, audio, E-books can be used as-is or edited as the purchaser desires- within the guidelines of the PLR company. Guidelines for use differ with each company.”

Some very very successful internet businesses are built on nothing more than Private Label Rights purchases. PLR is usually the choice of entrepreneurs in the digital online field. (such as myself) The owners of traditional brick and mortar business purchases their materials from suppliers.

PLR helps you save time in creating content by buying rights. You can modify and in a lot of cases claim ownership of the materials. You can get PLR licenses for articles, ebooks, software, video, audio, and graphics. For example, you can purchase PLR articles and then you want to ALWAYS rewrite them to post on your blog. Now I stress Always rewrite them because you don’t want google to catch duplicate content on your blog.

When you purchase articles, E-books or reports from a Private Label Rights company, you as the purchaser then may:

  1. Change or edit the title of the work
  2. Edit the contents of the work (add to it, take from it, revise it)
  3. Add your own affiliate links
  4. Use the work as free bonuses to your paid for work
  5. Use the work as website or blog content
  6. Resell the work $$ 🙂
  7. Copyright the work also!

I have also utilized PLR already in my short career!

Check out some PLR that I have purchased and customized

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So you can see why PLR is almost always essential for your business.

So I know your asking  “Where do I get PLR?”

And lucky for you I know just where to get the best PLR around! (its also where I got mine from)




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    • Helen Kaye

      Very good Richard, PLR is having a rebirth at the moment so any info about it is very welcome! 😉

      • RichardSambrano

        Thanks for your comment Helen! 🙂
        Glad that you enjoyed it.

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